We know that packaging plays an important role in selling the product, therefore, the packaging material is used by us are sourced from reputed and trusted dealers and in adherence with the industries set a standard.

We have well designed & developed packaging facilities that deliver maximum flexibility so as to assure timely departure of the ordered dispatch. With our expertise in the handling of both large bulk orders & small batches at short notice periods. Our packaging unit is competent of handling 17,000 kg of processed natural essential oils, carrier oils, certified organic oils, floral absolutes, Indian attars, aromatic chemicals and much more.

Small size packaging is available in two options aluminum bottles and glass bottles. We offer customized packaging, brand name, sizes for the clients.

Glass Bottles:-
These are preferred by OEM buyers who are looking to retail their final product in the market. Sizes changing in the range of 30-250ml are available.

Aluminium Bottles:-
These are preferred by small time essential oil buyers for their own business and uses. Sizes changing in the range of 30ml-5L are available. We provide aluminum bottles with pet wadding these bottles are do not react with the content inside them and assure that there is absolutely no leakage of content.

Bulk Packaging:-
Bulk packaging is available for large quantity material. This type of packaging assures safe change of materials at minimum cost. We use all UN complaint packaging material. We provide the following options in bulk packaging. We are providing two options galvanized iron (GI) drums and HDPE plastic drums.

Galvanized Iron (GI) Drums:-
These are available for essential oils, aromatic chemicals, hydrosols, and other products options of 5Kg to 100Kg are present.

HDPE plastic drums:-
HDPE plastic drums are available for the volume of 25kg and used exclusively for carrier oils, essential oils and much more.