Indian Attars


The traditional Indian attars are highly variable components that are used for better fragrance application. It is an essential oil derived from botanical sources. These attars are extracted via hydro and steam distillation. Natural attars are also made from spices, exotic woods, resin and into pure sandalwood oil. It is fragrant oil, that oils are extracted from herbs, flowers and a number of other natural sources. It comes from the exact source of attar. Attars are natural plant fragrances that are mostly used in room fresheners and body sprays. Indian attars are very popular perfumes in some parts of the world. These are made with the highest quality extracts. These are highly concentrated and offered for sale in small quantities in decorated crystal cut bottles or small jeweled decanters. We are one of the pellucid manufacturers, suppliers and wholesaler of naturals Indian attars from India. We have one of the largest stock of Indian attars in around the world at reasonable in prices to our clients.

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