We are one of the transparent manufacturer, suppliers, and exporters of hydrosols from India. We have a bulk and wide range of hydrosols. Our offered hydrosols are the colloidal suspension of water and a soluble element which extracted from the natural herbs and plants. These pure floral waters are concentrated variable aromatic compounds. Hydrosols are steam distilled to maintain the natural properties to the maximum. We have different kinds of hydrosols are aniseed, angelica, cardamom etc. Hydrosols are also known by various names such as hydrolats, floral water, flower waters and hydrochlorate. These are stored in the cool environment. We are committed to eco-friendly business to our customers. These floral waters can be used as a deodorant, body sprays, facial spritzer, room sprays, creams, toners air fresheners, as a cooling agent, or in saunas. Our offered floral waters are available as a skin tonic, face cleanser and also known to be medicinal purposes. We have one of the largest stocks of hydrosols in around the World and reasonable in prices to our clients.